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Michelle Knoll

Owner/ Aesth​etician

Welcome!  For anyone that does not know me my name is Michelle Knoll, I am a wife as well as a  mom of two beautiful children!  I am the owner of The Dragonfly Spa in the Village of Paisley.  I have had a passion for working in a spa setting that dates back to elementary school.  It is my mission to make you feel your very best every time you visit the spa.  I welcome every client with the same smile and positive energy at the start of my day as I do the last client of the day.  Making your experience the best it can be drives me to do my very best each and every day.  I have been working in the aesthetic industry since 2012.  Fresh out of Aesthetic School I gained experience working at a Spa for 2 years.  After having my second child I made the decision to venturing out on my own.  Since 2014 I have been building my business.  As the spa continues to grow I can not thank my clients and those of you that become clients in the future enough for all your support!  It is truly amazing, I am so blessed and grateful.  Thank You!

Amelia Gowan


Hi there! My name is Amelia Gowan, I was raised in Chesley but currently reside between Chesley and Desboro.  I am married and a proud mama of two little girls!  I love to pamper everyone I meet.  Helping people relax, giving them a little peace of heaven away from home is one of my favorite things about this job.  I have been an Aesthetician for over 10 years.  With countless amounts of Wedding Party Make-up, Body Treatments, Manis & Pedis as well as Facials I have gained a lot experience in this field.  My favorite being Facials, who doesn't love to relax and leave with a healthy glow!  When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my family.  I love playing and gardening in the great outdoors!  I enjoy camping, having fun around a bonfire and sharing laughs with everyone I meet!